Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Never Been Married

One thing celebrity are famous for is getting married and then getting a divorce. In Hollywood marriage is not forever like it is in the real world. Many celebrities were married more than once, and for some the marriage lasted less than a year. There are some celebrities who have decided that married life is not for them and that they have not even married. Others just never pulled the trigger. Here's a list provide by moviesjoy of famous people who never been Married.

Leonardo DiCaprio :"Titanic" star Leonardo DiCapriois a very handsome man, which makes it difficult to believe that he was never married. He's only in his forties, but he should have married in Hollywood about 20 years ago. Just because you've never been married doesn't mean you haven't had an active dating life. Over the years, he has been romantically associated with Bridget Hall, Brittany Daniel and many more. So far none of his dear ladies has put on a wedding ring.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ricky Gervais : The comedian Ricky Gervais has never been married. According to Ricky, he doesn't believe in marriage because he doesn't believe in God. He really has a 32-year relationship with his girlfriend Jane Fallon. Jane doesn't seem to mind that the two of them never made it into the hall. According to Ricky, it was never a problem in their relationship. Given that you were both happy for so long, you have to do something right.

Ricky Gervais

Jon Hamm : Jon Hamm is famous for never getting married. He was with his girlfriend for 16 years and they never said he would. Recently, rumors circulated about the couple's separation. Some people say Jennifer didn't want children and Jon, so they decided to leave him. Others say Jennifer is fed up with the wedding title and wants to be promoted to woman. Because Jon wasn't interested in being someone's husband, the couple resigned.

Jon Hamm

Lauren Graham : Lauren Graham is famous for playing the famous and independent Lorelai Gilmore. After several seasons, her character finally made it into the hall twice. In real life, Lauren had serious relationships with Matthew Perry and Peter Krause. She still has to go down the hall and say I do. According to Lauren, she doesn't really care about that level of commitment and doesn't want to be someone's wife so quickly.

Lauren Graham

Rachel McAdams : the “Game Night” actress Rachel McAdams was for a long time with her acting colleague Ryan Gosling. She has had a relationship with screenwriter Jamie Linden for four years. The actress has not yet appeared in front of the altar.

Rachel McAdams